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of the duration of the Tathigata's life most decidedly believes in it may be deemed the following. They will behold me teaching the law[1] here on the Graihrakfl/a 2 , surrounded by a host of Bodhisattvas, attended by a host of Bodhisattvas, in the centre of the congregation of disciples. They will behold here my Buddha-field in the Saha-world, consisting of lapis lazuli and forming a level plain ; forming a chequered board of eight compartments with gold threads ; set off with jewel trees. They will behold the towers that the Bodhisattvas use as their abodes 3 . By this test, A^ita, one may know if a young man or young lady of good family has a most decided belief. Moreover, Afita, I declare that a young man of good family who, after the complete extinc- tion of the Tath&gata, shall not reject, but joyfully accept this Dharmapary£ya when hearing it, that such a young man of good family also is earnest in his belief; far more one who keeps it in memory or reads it. He who after collecting this Dharma- pary&ya into a volume carries it on his shoulder 4 carries the Tath&gata on his shoulder. Such a young man or young lady of good family, A^ita, need make no Stflpas for me, nor monasteries ; need not give to the congregation of monks medicaments for the

We have seen above that this is the true abode of the Dharmara^a.

Ku/SgSraparibhogeshu BodhisatvavSsaw v& drakshyanti, properly, they will behold the dwelling of the Bodhisattvas in the towers which those Bodhisattvas have received for their use. About the technical meaning of ku/Sgdra in Nepil, see B. H. Hodgson, Essays, p. 49.

I. e. holds it in high esteem and treats it with care.

  1. And, pronouncing judgment.

[21] Y