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This page needs to be proofread.

sick or (other) requisites 1 . For, A^ita, such a young man or young lady of good family has (spiritually) built for the worship of my relics Stdpas of seven precious substances reaching up to the Brahma-world in height, and with a circumference in proportion, with the umbrellas thereto belonging, with triumphal streamers, with tinkling bells and baskets; has shown manifold marks of respect to those Sttipas of relics with diverse celestial and earthly flowers, incense, perfumed garlands, ointments, powder, cloth, umbrellas, banners, flags, triumphal streamers, by various sweet, pleasant, clear-sounding tymbals and drums, by the tune, noise, sounds of musical instru- ments and castanets, by songs, nautch and dancing of different kinds, of many, innumerable kinds ; has done those acts of worship during many, innumer- able thousands of ko/is of iEons. One who keeps in memory this Dharmapary&ya after my complete extinction, who reads, writes, promulgates it, Agita, shall also have built monasteries, large, spacious, extensive, made of red sandal-wood, with thirty-two pinnacles, eight stories, fit for a thousand monks, adorned with gardens and flowers, having walks furnished with lodgings, completely provided with meat, food and drink and medicaments for the sick, well equipped with all comforts. And those numerous, innumerable beings, say a hundred or a thousand or ten thousand or a ko/i or hundred ko/is or thousand ko/is or hundred thousand ko/is or ten thousand times hundred thousand ko/is, they

This agrees with the teaching of the Vedanta that Brahma-knowledge is independent of good works ; see e. g. Brahma-^Gtra III, 4, 25.