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have it well put together in a volume; let him always worship the volume with flowers, garlands, ointments.

50. Let him constantly place near it a lamp filled with scented oil, along with full-blown lotuses and suitable[1] oblations of Michelia Champaka.

51. The man who pays such worship to the books will produce a mass of merit which is not to be measured.

52. Even as there is no measure of the element of ether, in none of the ten directions, so there is no measure of this mass of merit.

53. How much more will this be the case with one who is patient, meek, devoted, moral, studious, and addicted to meditation ;

54. Who is not* irascible, not treacherous, reverential towards the sanctuary, always humble towards monks, not conceited, nor neglectful ;

55. Sensible and wise, not angry when he is asked a question ; who, full of compassion for living beings, gives such instruction as suits them.

56. If there be such a man who (at the same time) keeps this Sfitra, he will possess a mass of merit that cannot be measured.

57. If one meets such a man as here described, a keeper of this Sfitra, one should do homage to him.

58. One should present him with divine flowers, cover him with divine clothes, and bow the head to salute his feet, in the conviction of his being a Tath&gata.

59. And at the sight of such a man one may

  1. Yuktaih. Burnouf must have read muktaih, for his translation has 'pearls.'