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Thereupon the Lord addressed the entire assemblage of Bodhisattvas : Of yore, young men of good family, at a past epoch, incalculable, more than in- calculable -^Eons ago, at that time there appeared in the world a TathAgata named Galadharagar^ita- ghoshasusvaranakshatrardfasankusumitdbhif^a, an Arhat, &c, endowed with science and conduct, &c. &c, in the JEon Priyadarrana, in the world Vairo^a- nara^mipratimawdTita. Now, there was, young men of good family, under the spiritual rule of the TathS- gata ^aladharagar^itaghoshasusvaranakshatrar^a- sankusumitcLbhi^wa a king called .Subhavytiha. That king .Subhavytiha, young men of good family, had a wife called VimaladattA, and two sons, one called Vimalagarbha, the other Vimalanetra. These two boys, who possessed magical power and wisdom 2 , applied themselves to the course of duty of Bodhisattvas, viz. to the perfect virtues (P&rami- t£s) of almsgiving, morality, forbearance, energy, meditation, wisdom, and skilfulness; they were accomplished in benevolence, compassion, joyful sympathy and indifference, and in all the thirty-

Purvayoga; rather, ancient history; cf. p. 153.

In the margin sundry epithets have been added, which here are omitted.