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This page needs to be proofread.

feet, circumambulated him three times from left to right and took their stand at some distance.

Then, young men of good family, the Lord <7aldharagar^itaghoshasusvaranakshatrar^asankusumi- tdbhi^a, the Tathdgata, &c, perceiving the king .Subhavytiha, who had arrived with his retinue, in- structed, roused, excited, and comforted him with a sermon. And the king .Subhavyfiha, young men of good family, after he had been well and duly in- structed, roused, excited, and comforted by the sermon of the Lord, was so content, glad, ravished, joyful, rejoiced, and delighted, that he put his diadem on the head of his younger brother and established him in the government, whereafter he himself with his sons, kinsmen, and retinue, as well as the queen Vima- ladattd and her numerous train of women, the two young princes accompanied by forty-two * thousand living beings went all together and unanimously forth from home to embrace the houseless life, prompted as they were by their faith in the preach- ing of the Lord (Saladharagar^itaghoshasusvarana- kshatrard^asankusumitibhi^wa, the Tathdgata, &c. Having become an ascetic, the king .Subhavytiha, with his retinue, remained for eighty-four thousand years applying himself to studying, meditating, and thoroughly penetrating this DharmaparyAya of the Lotus of the True Law. At the end of those eighty- four thousand years, young men of good family, the king .Subhavytiha acquired the meditation termed Sarvagu«alarik£ravyfiha 2 . No sooner had he ac-

Burnouf has eighty-four, but this must be a faulty reading, because the number of forty-two agrees with that given above.

I. e. collocation (or disposition) of the ornaments of all good qualities.