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This page needs to be proofread.

quired that meditation, than he rose seven Tils up to the sky, and while staying in the air, young men of good family, the king .Subhavyfiha said to the Lord ^aladharagar^itaghoshasusvaranakshatrar^asankusumit£bhi£72a, the Tath&gata, &c. : My two sons, O Lord, are my masters, since it is owing to the miracle produced by their magical power that I have been diverted from that great heap of false doctrines, been established in the command of the Lord, brought to full ripeness in it, introduced to it, and exhorted to see the Lord. They have acted as true friends to me, O Lord, those two young princes who as sons were born in my house, certainly to remind me of my former roots of goodness.

At these words the Lord Galadharagar^itaghoshasusvaranakshatrar^asahkusumitAbhif»a, the Tathdgata, &c, spoke to the king *Subhavytiha : It is as thou sayest, noble king. Indeed, noble king, such young men or young ladies of good family as possess roots of goodness, will in any existence, state, descent, rebirth or place * easily find true friends, who with them shall perform the task of a master 2 , who shall admonish, introduce, fully prepare them to obtain supreme and perfect enlightenment. It is an exalted position, noble king, the office of a true friend who rouses (another) to see the Tath&gata. Dost thou see these two young princes, noble king? I do, Lord ; I do, Sugata, said the king. The Lord

Bhavagati£yutyupapatty£yataneshu. Burnouf must have read bhagava££yu° or something like it, for he translates : 'qui sont ne*s dans les lieux oil se sont accomplies la naissance et la mort d'un Bienheureux/

I.e. of a teacher, xdstr/kr/'tyena.