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proceeded: Now, these two young gentlemen, noble king, will pay worship to sixty-five (times the number of) Tath£gatas, &c, equal to the sands of the Ganges; they will keep this Dharmaparydya of the Lotus of the True Law, out of compassion for beings who hold false doctrines, and with the aim to produce in those beings an earnest striving after the right doctrine.

Thereupon, young men of good family, the king Subhavyflha came down from the sky, and, having raised his joined hands, said to the Lord Galadharagar^itaghoshasusvaranakshatrar^asankusumitdbhi^a, the TatMgata, &c. : Please, Lord, deign to tell me, what knowledge the Tath£gata is possessed of, so that the protuberance on his head is shining ; that the Lord's eyes are so clear ; that between his brows the Cr«4 (circle of hair) is shining, resembling in whiteness the moon ; that in his mouth a row of equal and close-standing teeth is glittering ; that the Lord has lips red as the Bimba and such beautiful eyes.

As the king .Subhavyflha, young men of good family, had celebrated the Lord Galadharagarghoshasusvaranakshatrarfiasankusumitbhiwa, the Tath£gata,&c, by enumerating so many good qualities and hundred thousands of myriads of ko/is of other good qualities besides, he said to the Lord Galadharagaritaghoshasusvaranakshatrarasankusumitftbhigna. y the Tathdgata, &c. : It is wonderful, O Lord, how valuable the TathSgatas teaching is, and with how many inconceivable virtues the religious discipline proclaimed by the Tathigata is attended; how beneficial the moral precepts proclaimed by the Tathfigata are. From henceforward, O Lord, we will no