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This page needs to be proofread.

more be slaves to our own mind ; no more be slaves to false doctrine ; no more slaves to rashness; no more slaves to the sinful thoughts arising in us. Being possessed of so many good qualities, O Lord, I do not wish to go away from the presence of the Lord.

After humbly saluting the feet of the Lord aldharagaritaghoshasusvaranakshatrarlasankusumibhia, the Tathigata, &c, the king rose up to the sky and there stood. Thereupon the king .5ubhavyfiha and the queen Vimaladatti from the sky, threw a pearl necklace worth a hundred thousand (gold pieces) upon the Lord ; and that pearl necklace no sooner came down upon the head of the Lord than it assumed the shape of a tower with four columns, regular, well-constructed, and beautiful. On the summit of the tower appeared a couch covered with many hundred thousand pieces of fine cloth, and on the couch was seen the image of a Tathigata sittings cross-legged. Then the following thought presented itself to the king.5ubhavytiha: The Buddha-knowledge must be very powerful, and the Tathfigata endowed with inconceivable good qualities that this Tathagata-image shows itself on the summit of the tower, (an image) so nice, beautiful, possessed of an extreme abundance of good colours. Then the Lord Caladharagarfitaghoshasusvaranakshatrarsankusumitbhigfidi, the Tathdgata, &c, addressed the four classes

Here I have followed Burnouf's reading; the Cambridge MS. has : ebhir ahara Bhagavann iyadbhir akusalair dharmaM samanvigato nekkh§.m Bhagavato 'ntika/H (sic) upasawkramituai, i.e. being possessed of so many unholy qualities, O Lord, I do (or did) not wish to approach the Lord.