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dlpa * were filled with joy and asked one another: How is this? 74. And soon afterwards, as the Leader of the world, worshipped by men, gods, and goblins, rose from his meditation, he addressed his son Varaprabha, the wise Bodhisattva and preacher of the law:

75. 'Thou art wise, the eye and refuge of the world; thou art the trustworthy keeper of my law, and canst bear witness as to the treasure of laws which I am to lay bare to the weal of living beings.'

76. Then, after rousing and stimulating, praising and lauding many Bodhisattvas, did the Gina proclaim the supreme laws during fully sixty intermediate kalpas.

77. And whatever excellent supreme law was proclaimed by the Lord of the world while continuing sitting on the very same seat, was kept in memory by Varaprabha, the son of Gina, the preacher of the law.

78. And after the Gins, and Leader had manifested the supreme law and stimulated the numerous crowd, he spoke, that day, towards the world including the gods (as follows):

79. 'I have manifested the rule of the law; I have shown the nature of the law; now, O monks, it is the time of my Nirvd^a ; this very night, in the middle watch. 80. 'Be zealous and strong in persuasion; apply yourselves to my lessons; (for) the Ganas, the great

that tayin was used synonymously with ndtha or n&yaka, but it seems not necessary to derive it from trdyate.

This name is synonymous with Kandrasuryapradipa ; one of

the MSS. has A"andrapradipa.