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Page:Sacred Books of the East - Volume 25.djvu/761

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P. 263, ch. viii, v. 53 note, for 'apadesam' read 'adesam.'
P. 265, ch. viii, v. 65 note, for 'includes according to Nâr., Gov., Nand., Medh. also ascetics,' read 'includes according to Nâr., Gov., Medh. also ascetics, or, refers to the latter alone, Nand.'
P. 288, ch. viii, v. 192 note, for ' Nâr. takes' read 'Nâr. and Nand. take.'
P. 292, ch. viii, v. 210 note. Add after the quotation from Âsv. Srauta-sûtra, 'Âp. Srauta-sûtra xiii, 5, 12.'
P. 295, ch. viii, v. 227 note, dele 'Nand. omits this verse and the next.'
P. 295, ch. viii, v. 228 note, add 'Nand. omits this verse.'
P. 296, ch. viii, v. 237 note, add after 'The samyâ is,' 'either the wedge at the yoke, or.'
P. 308, ch. viii, v. 309 note, for 'who takes the goods of Brâhmanas or injures them' read 'who takes the goods of Brâhmanas, injures, or abandons them.'
P. 331, ch. ix, v. 20 note, add 'The Pratîka of this verse is quoted by Vi. lxxiii, 12; see also Âp. Srauta-sûtra i, 9, 9, where a somewhat different version occurs.'
P. 339, ch. ix, v. 64 68 note, for 'Aupagandhani' read 'Aupagaṅghani,' which latter is the correct form of the name.
P. 352, ch. ix, v. 128 note, add 'The story agrees exactly with Mah. xii, 343, 57; see also Vishnu-purâna, vol. ii, p. 10 (ed. Hall).'
P. 362, ch. ix, v. 170, for 'Gûdhotpanna' read 'Gûdhotpanna.'
P. 398, ch. ix, v. 315 note, add at end, 'see also Mah. xiii, 33, 17.'
P. 399, ch. ix, v. 323. Mah. xii, 65, 1 seq. recommend âhave dehatyâgam, 'death in battle,' for a king.
P. 405, ch. x, v. 19 note, for 'the name of caste' read 'the name of the caste.'
P. 406, ch. x, v. 22. The form Likkhivi for Likkhavi actually occurs.
P. 407, ibid., for 'waters' read 'water.'
P. 416, ch. x, v. 64 note, for 'Sacred Books of the East, ii,' read 'S. B. E. xiv.'
P. 425, ch. x, v. 111, for 'offering sacrifices for teaching' read 'offering sacrifices for, or, teaching.'
P. 443, ch. xi, v. 64 note, add 'Yâ, iii, 240 favours Nâr.'s explanation of mahâyantrapravartana.'
P. 457, ch. xi, v. 134, for 'a spade of black iron' read 'a mattock of black iron.'
P. 479, ch. xi, v. 242, for 'penance' read 'austerity ' (twice).
P. 480, ch. xi, v. 250, for '(that seen) by Vasishtha' read 'the three verses (seen) by Vasishtha.' Make the same correction in the note, and add, 'the correct reading in the text is prati tryrikam.'
P. 481, ch. xi, v. 253, add at the end, or, 'Thus, verily thus.'
P. 512, ch. xii, v. 120 note, add 'Compare for this verse and the next, Rig-veda x, 90, 13–14.'