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1709 Born, 1 8th September.

1712 Taken to London to be touched by the Queen

" for the evil."

1724 Goes to Stourbridge School.

1728 Entered at Pembroke College, Oxford.

1731 Leaves Oxford.

1732 Usher at Market Bosworth. 1735 Marriage.

1737 Goes to London with Garrick.

1738 Contributes regularly to The Gentleman's Maga- zine. London: a poem published.

1 744 Life of Richard Savage.

1 749 Irene.

1750 The Rambler commenced. 1752 Death of his wife.

1755 Degree of M.A. conferred by the University of

Oxford. Dictionary published. 1759 R4"el as published.

1762 Pension of 300 per annum granted.

1763 Meets Boswell.

1764 "The Club" founded.

1765 Makes the acquaintance of the Thrales.

1775 Goes to Paris. Degree of Doctor conferred by the University of Oxford. A Journey to the Western Islands published.

1781 Lives of the English Poets.

1783 Attack of partial paralysis.

1784 Death, I3th December.

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