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the eye of God : yet, surely, there is some- thing pleasing in the belief, that our separa- tion from those whom we love is merely corporeal ; and it may be a great incitement to virtuous friendship, if it can be made prob- able, that that union, which has received the divine approbation, shall continue to eternity. There is one expedient, by which you may, in some degree, continue her presence. If you write down minutely what you remember of her from your earliest years, you will read it with great pleasure, and receive from it many hints of soothing recollection, when time shall remove her yet farther from you, and your grief shall be matured to veneration. To this, however painful for the present, I cannot but advise you, as to a source of comfort and satisfaction in the time to come.

Sept. ^yh, 1750.

��70 the Reverend Joseph Warton

How little can we venture to exult in any intellectual powers or literary attainments, when we consider the condition of poor Collins. I knew him a few years ago full of hopes and full of projects, versed in many languages, high in fancy, and strong in re-

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