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tention. This busy and forcible mind is now under the government of those who lately would not have been able to comprehend the least and most narrow of its designs.

March 8/4 1754.

To Miss Boothby


I have read your book, I am afraid you will think without any great improve- ment. . . . You ought not to be offended ; I am perhaps as sincere as the writer. In all things that terminate here I shall be much guided by your influence, and should take or leave by your direction ; but I cannot receive my religion from any human hand. I desire however to be instructed. . . . Dear Angel, do not forget me. My heart is full of tenderness.

December $lst [1755].

To James Boswell (on his way home from

Corsica] DEAR SIR,

Apologies are seldom of any use. We will delay till your arrival the reasons, good or bad, which have made me such a sparing and ungrateful correspondent. Be assured, for

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