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I have turned your attention to this sublimely affecting subject, of our vital connection with God, not for the purpose of awakening temporary fervor, but that we may feel the urgent duty of cherishing these convictions. If this truth becomes a reality to us, we shall be conscious of having received a new Principle of Life. — Channing.

Never the Spirit was born; the Spirit shall cease to be never;
Never was time it was not; End and Beginning are dreams!
Birthless and deathless and changeless remaineth the Spirit forever;
Death hath not touched it at all, dead though the house of it seems!
Edwin Arnold's translation of Bhagavad-Gitâ.

And when they shall say to you,
“Inquire of the necromancers and the wizards,
That chirp and that murmur;”
(Then say ye) Should not a people inquire of their God?
Should they inquire of the dead for the living?
Isaiah.Noyes's Translation.

Men saw the thorns on Jesus' brow,
But angels saw the roses.
Julia Ward Howe.

MORTAL life is an enigma. Every day is a mystery. The testimony of the senses cannot inform us what is reality and what is delusion; but the revelations of Science unlock the treasures of Truth. Whatever is false or sinful can never enter the atmosphere of Spirit.