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In proportion as Mental Science is understood, spiritual mediumship (so called) will be found erroneous, having no origin or government outside of itself. It is a phantom confined to earth, and regards mortals as the offspring, not of Science, but of sense. Person is the basis of Spiritualism; and this person is regarded as either a limited spirit or a material spirit. In either case the spirit is supposed to be a finite form, having Soul inside of it. Such opinions are inadmissible, because Principle, not person, is the basis of Science.

Blind to the impossibility of the sensual being made the medium of the spiritual, or the finite being the medium of the Infinite, the notion of gaining light from spiritualistic philosophy is, in the main, like expecting Stygian darkness to emit a sunbeam.

Spirit is God, and there is no room for more than One Infinite. Man is never God, but reflects Him, as the idea reflects its Principle, wherein the Ego and Father are one, in the sense of scientific inseparability.

The identity, or idea, of all reality continues, but the Soul, or Principle, of all is not in its formations. Close your eyes and you may dream that you see a flower, that you touch and smell it. Thus you learn that a flower is the product of mind, a formation of thought, rather than of matter. Close them again, and you may see landscapes, or men and women; and therefrom you learn that these also are images, which mortal mind holds and evolves, reflecting Mind, Life, and Intelligence. From dreams also you may learn that matter is not the image or likeness of Mind, and that Mind is not in matter.