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All cities along that line, in America, Europe or Asia are equidistant from the Equator, and said to be located in “Latitude 50 North.”

Another line runs from number 40 on the left border to number 40 on the right. Let us note some of the principal cities on or near this line. San Francisco is a little further south, Denver right on the line, Chicago and New York a trifle north. Now turn to the map of Europe. There the right and left hand numbers with their connecting circles are also latitudes, and at the number 40 you will see Lisbon and Madrid. Proceeding eastwards Rome and Constantinople appear a little to the north of our line.

These places may be said, for the purposes of elementary instruction, to be in the same degree of latitude, and therefore another determinator must be used to differentiate the location of each place from all others.

This is accomplished by dividing the earth longitudinally from pole to pole by another set of imaginary circles called Meridians of Longitude, and shown in our chart. All places along such circles have noon at the same instant, regardless of how far they are from the Equator, or whether near the North or South Pole.

Now look again at your map of Europe. There you will see numbered lines running from the top of the map to the bottom. These are the lines of longitude. One is numbered 0, If you follow that line