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tin- New York Herald, in which was a dispatch from one of its war correspondents, dated Farmville, Va., April 9, 1865. He spoke of tin- tiijit at Sailor's Creek as follows:

"Immense Slaughter of the Enemy. The slaughter of the enemy in the fight of the 6th instant exceeded anything I ever saw. The ground over which they fought was literally strewn with their killed. The fighting was desperate, in many cases hand-to-hand. There were a number of bayonet wounds reported at the hospitals."

He says nothing about the slaughter of his own men. We had an idea that we were doing some "slaughtering" ourselves.

However, this dispatch goes to prove that the fight was no child's play. He then gives "a list of some of the rebel officers captured on the 6th instant," as follows:

Navy. Admiral Hunter, Commodore Tucker, Captain Simms, Midshipman J. H. Hamilton, Lieutenant H. H. Marmaduke, Master W. R. Mays, Midshipman C. F. Sevier, Midshipman T. M. Bowen, Lieutenant C. L. Stanton, Lieutenant J. P. Claybrook, John R. Chisman, Master' s-mate, Lieutenant M. G. Porter, Lieutenant R. J. Bowen, Lieutenant W. W. Roberts, Lieutenant J. W. Matterson, Midshipman W. F. Nelson, Lieutenant M. M. Benton, Master' s- mate S. G. Turner, Lieutenant W. F. Shum, Lieutenant T. C. Pink- ney, Captain T. B. Ball, Lieutenant H. Ward, Midshipman B. S. Johnson, Midshipman F. L. Place, Lieutenant D. Trigg, Midship- man T. Berein, Midshipmen C. Myers, J. M. Gardner.

Marine Corps. Captain George Holmes, Captain T. S. Wilson, Lieutenant F. McKee, Lieutenant A. S. Berry, Lieutenant T. P. Gwinn.

Army Officers. Lieutenant-General Ewell, General Corse, General Barton, General Hunton, General J. P. Semmes, General Du Bose, General Custis Lee, General Kershaw and staff, Colonel C. C. San- ders, 24th Georgia; Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. Timberlake, 53rd Vir- ginia; Lieutenant N. S. Hutchins, 3rd Georgia; Lieutenant-Colonel Hamilton Phil, Georgia Legion; Major J. M. Goggin, Major E. L. Caston, Captain J. M. Davis, Captain Carwall, Captain J. W. Wal- ker, A. A. G. ; Captain C. S. Dwight, Captain McRae Cane, i6th Georgia; Colonel Armstrong, i8th Georgia; Captain L. Bass, 25th Virginia Battery; Lieutenant Colonel E. P. False, 22d Virginia Bat- tery; Major F. C. Smith, 24th Georgia; Captain J. F. Tompkins, 22d Virginia; Lieutenant H. C. Tompkins, 22d Virginia; Captain