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144 Southern Historical Society Papers.

W. C. Winn, 22d Virginia; Adjutant S. D. Davies, 47th Virginia; H. W. O. Gatewood, 37th Virginia; Adjutant Williams, 3d Georgia Sharpshooters; Lieutenant J. L. Buford, Captain J. L. Jarrett, 6gth Virginia; Lieutenant J. T. Ferneyhough, 2oth Virginia Battalion; Captain J. A. Hanes, 55th Virginia; Captain A. Reynolds, 55th Virginia; Captain J. H. Fleet, 55 Virginia; Captain V. H. Fauntle- r y 55th Virginia; Lieutenant W. C. Robinson, 55th Virginia; Lieutenant Thomas Fauntleroy, 55th Virginia; Captain R. T. Bland, 55th Virginia; Adjutant R. L. Williams, 55th Virginia; Lieutenant J. R. P. Humphries, 55th Virginia; Lieutenant E. J. Ragland, 53d Virginia; Lieutenant A. B. Willingham, 53d Virginia; Lieutenant- Colonel T. G. Barbour, 24th Virginia; Captain W. F. Harrison, 24th Virginia; Lieutenant-Colonel James Howard, i8th and 2oth Virginia Battalions; Captain A. Austin Smith, ordnance officer; Captain McHenry Howard, General Custis Lee's staff; Lieut. J. F. Porteous, ordnance officer; Maj. J. E. Robertson, 2oth Va. Battalion; Captain S. H. Overton, 2Oth Virginia Battalion; Captain R. K. Hargo, 2oth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant C. W. Hunter, 2oth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant}. H. Lewis, 2oth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant A. G. Williams, 2oth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant B. Scruggs, 2oth Virginia Battalion: Lieutenant J. N. Snelson, 2Oth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant E. Coffin, 2Oth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant Ferneyhough, 2Oth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant P. F. Vaden, 2oth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant-Colonel A. D. Bruce, 47th Virginia; Captain E. L. Wharton, 47th Virginia; Lieutenant J. S. Hutt, 47th Virginia; Lieutenant C. Molty, 47th Virginia; Lieu- tenant-Colonel J. W. Atkinson, loth and igth Virginia Battalions; Lieutenant J. L. Cowardin, Adjutant loth and igth Virginia Battal- ions; Captain T. B. Wilkinson, loth Virginia Battalion; Captain T. B. Blake, loth Virginia Battalion; Captain R. B. Claytor, loth Vir- ginia Battalion; Captain C. S. Harrison, loth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant). W. Turner, loth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant B. G. Andrews, roth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant T. C. Talbott, loth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant A. P. Bohannon, Adjutant Wilson, loth Virginia Battalion, wounded; Captain J. H. Norton, i8th Vir- ginia Battalion; Lieutenant W. Stevenson, i8th Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant Joseph Russell, i8th Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant S. Doridian, i8th Virginia Battalion; Captain D. L. Smoot, i8th Vir- ginia Battalion; Colonel J. J. Phillips, Qth Virginia; Adjutant C. C. Phillips, gth Virginia; Lieutenant W. Roane Ruffin, Chamberlayne's Battery; Captain E. B. Coltrane, 24th Virginia; Captain J. W. Barr,