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- Battery; Lieutenant W. F. Campbell, Barr's Battery; Cap- tain H. Nelson, 28th Virginia; Lieutenant C. K. Nelson, 28th Vir- ginia; Lieutenant J. B. Leftwich, 28th Virginia; Lieutenant J. N. Kent, 22d Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant H. C. Shepherd, 22(1 Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant J. E. Glossen, 47th Virginia; Lieutenant R. P. Welling, I2th Mississippi; Chaplain E. A. Garrison, 4Sth Mississippi; Lieutenant Robert T. Knox, 3oth Virginia; Lieu- tenant J. H. Marshall, 3Oth Virginia; Captain J. S. Knox, 3Oth Virginia; Lieutenant St. George Fitzhugh, Pegram Artillery; Lieu- tenant T. L. Roberts, 34th Virginia; Lieutenant J. S. Watts, 46th Virginia; Lieutenant J. T. Fowler, 46th Virginia; Major M. B. Har- din, 1 8th Virginia Battalion; Adjutant W. H. Laughter, i8th Vir- ginia Battalion; Captain W. S. Griffin, i8th Virginia Battalion; Captain L. B. Madison, 58th Virginia; Lieutenant Judson Hundron, Lieutenant J. Foyler, 58th Virginia; Lieutenant John Addison, ryth Virginia; Lieutenant-Colonel G. Tyler, ijth Virginia; Lieutenant J. B. Hill, 53d Virginia; Sergeant-Major J. S. Miller, 2oth Virginia Battalion; Lieutenant M. H. Daughty, nth Florida; Captain Winder, Young's Battery; Lieutenant J. C. Murray, Young's Battery; Cap- tain W. S. Randall, General Custis Lee's staff; Colonel J. T. Craw- ford, 5ist Georgia; Colonel James Dickey. 5ist Georgia; Captain W. R. McClain, 5151 Georgia; Captain J. H. Faulkner, 515! Geor- gia; Captain R. N. Askew, srst Georgia; Captain V. B. Baglow, 5 ist Georgia; Lieutenant J. A. Brown, 5 ist Georgia; Lieutenant C. W. S. Swanson, Captain H. J. Otis, 2d North Carolina, Evans' Bri- gade; Lieutenant P. A. Green, 3d Georgia; Captain W. G. Baird, 24th North Carolina; Colonel P. McLaughlin, 5oth Georgia; Cap- tain W. A. Smith, 5oth Georgia; Captain G. E. Fahn, 5oth Georgia; Lieutenant Thompson, 35th North Carolina; Lieutenant J. B. Pur- cell, 56th Virginia.

The above list will doubtless be of interest to old soldiers who may chance to see it.

Very respectfully,

THOMAS BALLARD BLAKE, Late Captain Company E, loth Va. Battalion Artillery.