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was deferred, in order, as far as possible, to confine its operation to the men of Custer and Powell. Accordingly, on the 6th instant, seven of your men were, by my order, executed on the Valley turn- pike your highway of travel. Hereafter, any prisoners falling into my hands will be treated with the kindness due to their condition, unless some new act of barbarity shall compel me reluctantly to adopt a line of policy repugnant to humanity.

' ' Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


' ' Lieutenant- Colonel. ' '

We, the committee appointed by Mosby Camp to solicit subscrip- tions to erect a monument at Front Royal, Va. , to the memory of our six comrades Anderson, Carter, Jones, Overby, Love and Rhodes who, while prisoners of war, were hung or shot to death, by the order of General Custer, in the year 1864.

The memory of these brave boys, who met an untimely death in defence of their country, deserves to be perpetuated, and we earn- estly appeal to all survivors of the 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, to aid in rendering long-delayed justice to our fallen comrades.

All subscriptions should be sent to the Treasurer, W. Ben. Palmer, No. 1321 Cary street, Richmond, Va., or to any member of the committee.


Richmond, Va. ,


Alexandria, Va. ,


Washington, D. C,