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[From the Charlotte (N. C.) Obtrrvtr, March 31, 1895.]



Lieutenant-Colonel George W. Flowers, of this Regiment, writes its

Splendid Record in the Army of Northern Virginia Its

Officers A Carefully Written and Valuable

Addition to the State's War


The 38th regiment of North Carolina troops, was formed of vol- unteers who enlisted for twelve months, and was organized at Camp Mangum, near Raleigh, North Carolina, January 17, 1862, under the command of Major J. J. Iredell, commander of the post. The regiment was composed of the following companies:

Company A, "Spartan Band," Duplin county A. G. Mosely, captain. First Lieutenant, D. G. Morrisey; second lieutenant, Alsa J. Brown; junior second lieutenant, D. M. Pearsall.

Company B, "Men of Yadkin," Yadkin county C. L. Cook, captain. First lieutenant, R. F. Armfield; second lieutenant, A. W. Blackburn; junior second lieutenant, L. F. Haynes.

Company C, "Sampson Farmers," Sampson county Peter B. Troublefield, captain. First lieutenant, R. F. Allen; second lieu- tenant, John F. Wilson; junior second lieutenant, Hinton J. Hudson.

Company B, "Sampson Plowboys," Sampson county John Ashford, captain. First lieutenant, R. Bell; second lieutenant, A. D. King; junior second lieutenant, H. C. Darden.

Company E, "Richmond Boys," Richmond county Oliver H. Dockery, captain. First lieutenant, S. M. Ingraham; second lieu- tenant, D. G. McRae; junior second lieutenant, M. W. Covington.

Company F, " Catawba Wildcats," Catawba county Joshua B. Little, captain. First lieutenant, D. McD. Yount; second lieuten- ant, H. L. Roberts; junior second lieutenant, F. D. Roseman.

Company G, " Rocky Face Rangers," Alexander county G. W. Sharpe, captain. First lieutenant, John E. Rheim; second lieuten- ant, George W. Flowers; junior second lieutenant, James W. Stephenson.