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On Friday, April 7, 1865, Farmville, Va. , was reached, and Scales' brigade relieved Cook's brigade as rear guard of the infantry. The enemy having crossed the river, pressed the lines very hard and con- sequently the rear guard was engaged in several attacks and suffered severely. The enemy was driven off, and this was the last fighting in which the regiment was engaged before the surrender.

Saturday, April 8th, the regiment camped about three miles from Appomattox Courthouse, Va. As Appomattox Courthouse was ap- proached the next morning the Federal line was seen on the hill at the courthouse. Line of battle was drawn up and it was expected that an advance would be made. It began to be rumored that a sur- render was made, but nothing definite could be learned until 12 o'clock, when it was known that Lee had indeed surrendered. It was soon learned that the soldiers would be paroled and given per- mission to return home.

Monday morning, April 10, 1865, the farewell address of General Lee was read to the regiment. All the soldiers of the regiment had the opportunity of shaking hands with General Lee and hearing him say, "God bless you, boys; I hope we shall meet again!" After remaining in this position until Wednesday, April I2th, the regiment was marched over near the courthouse, where the arms were stacked in front of the enemy. On the same evening the soldiers were fur- nished with the following:

APPOMATTOX C. H., VA., April 10, 1865.

The bearer --- of Co. - , 38th Regiment of North Carolina Troops, a paroled prisoner of the Army of Northern Vir- ginia, has permission to go to his home, and there remain undis- turbed.

Jos. H. HYMAN, Colonel ijth N. C. Troops, Commanding Scales' Brigade,

The 38th Regiment of North Carolina Troops was disbanded and passed out of existence.