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264 Southern 'Historical Society Papers.

[From the Richmond, Va., Dispatch, September 18, 1897.]

THE CUMBERLAND GRAYS, COMPANY D, Twenty-First Virginia Infantry.

Its Roster, with Brief Record of its Service.

CUMBERLAND C. H., VA., September //, 1897.

There was a reunion of the Cumberland Grays' Association at Cumberland Courthouse recently. This company was commanded first by Captain F. D. Irving, who was in command of it from the ist of July, 1861, to the 2ist of April, 1862, when he refused re- election and retired from service.

Captain A. C. Page was elected its second captain, and was wounded at the battle of Sharpsburg. His leg was amputated, and he was retired from the service. At the earnest solicitation of Charles H. Anderson, the first lieutenant of the company, second lieutenant John A. Booker, who was on detached duty as A. A. A. General to General J. R. Jones, was appointed captain, and remained as such until the end of the war.

In the second fight at Manassas the ammunition of the regiment gave out, but our second lieutenant was a brick-layer, and seeing the railroad was levelled with brickbats and stones, he threw the first stone and ordered the men to beat back the first line of Yankees, which they did so effectually that the entire brigade in an instant took up the same weapons. With what effect, history has told.

At the roll-call of the company at the reunion it was seen that of the 103 officers and men who were enlisted only forty-eight were living.

The following is a list of those who were killed or died since and during the war:

Captain F. D. Irving, died since the war. Captain A. C. Page, died since the war. Lieutenant C. H. Anderson, killed at Fisher's Hill. Lieutenant E. E. England, killed at Petersburg. Sergeant- Major William Denny, died since the war.