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well \\.is filled by the election of Tazewell L. Hargrove, captain Co.

A, on June 10, 1862. On the 24th day of July, 1862, Lieutenant- Colonel Cromwell resigned, and Major Tazewell L. Hargrove was elected in his place, and on the 28th of July, 1862, Charles M. Sted- man, captain Co. E, was promoted and elected major. The staff and company officers are named as they appear in the following list, and in the order of their promotion:

Adjutants Stark Armistead Sutton, John A. Jackson, R. W. Dupree.

Ensign W. S. Long.

Sergeant- Majors John H. Johnston, Alexander S. Webb, E. D. Covington.

Quartermaster-Sergeant Isham G. Cheatham.

Ordnance-Sergeant Robert J. Powell.

Commissary-Sergeant D. F. Whitehead.

Chaplains John H. Tillinghast, Richard G. Webb.

Surgeons William T. Sutton, J. A. Bynum.

Assistant Surgeons J. A. Bynum, William J. Green.

Quartermasters William R. Beasley, William L. Cherry.

Commissary Abram Cox.

Company A Captains Tazewell L. Hargrove, Elkanah E. Lyon, Robt. L. Rice.

First Lieutenant Elkanah E. Lyon, Robert L. Rice, Richard G. Sneed, A. J. Ellis.

Second Lieutenants Robert L,. Rice, William R. Beasley, John

B. Tucker, Richard G. Sneed, Robert Winship Stedman. Enlisted men, 148.

Company B Captains Elisha Cromwell, Baker W. Mabry, Robert C. Brown.

First Lieutenants Baker W. Mabry, Robert C. Brown, Thomas M. Carter.

Second Lieutenants Thomas M. Carter, Robert C. Brown, Charles D. Mabry, Elisha C. Knight.

Enlisted men, 135.

Company C. Captains William L. Cherry, Macon G. Cherry.

First Lieutenants Abram Cox, Andrew M. Thigpen, Samuel V. Williams.

Second Lieutenants Andrew M. Thigpen, Macon G. Cherry, Samuel V. Williams, Reuben E. Mayo, Samuel Tappen.

Enlisted men, 131.

Company D Captain L. R. Anderson.