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336 Southern Hi*trir<il. Society Papers.

First Lieutenants Cornelius Stephens, John S. Easton.

Second Lieutenants John S'. Easton, James M. Perkins, George W. Parker, Thomas King.

Enlisted men, 116.

Company E Captains R. C. Gotten, Charles M. Stedman, James T. Phillips, John J. Crump.

First Lieutenants Charles M. Stedman, James T. Phillips, John J. Crump, N. B. Milliard.

Second Lieutenants R. C. Gotten, Jr., James T. Phillips, John J. Crump, Thos. B. Long, N. B. Milliard, C. C. Goldson, S. J. Tally.

Enlisted men, 183.

By reason of his health Lieutenant Thomas B. Long resigned in July, 1862. He was a most accomplished officer; brave, competent and true, he was respected by all.

Company F. Captains David B. DeBerry, John C. Gaines.

First Lieutenants John C. Gaines, John C. Montgomery.

Second Lieutenants John C. Montgomery, Alexander M. Rus- sell, Geo. W. Montgomery.

Enlisted men, 127.

Company G. Captain Robert Bingham.

First Lieutenant S. H. Workman.

Second Lieutenants George S. Cobb, James W. Compton, Fred. N. Dick, Thomas H. Norwood.

Enlisted men, 129.

Company H. Captains William D. Moffitt, James T. Town- send, R. W. Singletary.

First Lieutenants James T. Townsend, William H. Carter, Thomas H. Norwood.

Second Lieutenants Daniel L. McMillan, R. W. Singletary, Moses Haywood, E. A. Moffitt, R. W. Dupree.

Enlisted men, 141.

Company I. Captains Downing H. Smith, John R. Roach.

First Lieutenants J. J. Bland, John R. Roach.

Second Lieutenants John R. Roach, John A. Jackson, J. M. Lancaster.

Enlisted men, 120.

Company K. Captains Rhett R. L. Lawrence, W. P. Oldham.

First Lieutenants Joseph W. Howard, W. P. Oldham.

Second Lieutenants David Yarborough, Bedford Brown, J. H. Johnson, A. S. Webb, Joseph J. Leonard, Rufus Starke.

Enlisted men, 144.