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372 Southern Historical Society Papers.

and Jesse Child, of Richmond, and Captain Henry St. 'George Coalter and Captain Darracott, of Hanover county. These have re- sponded to the last roll-call, and those who now survive are Lieu- tenant S. Horace Hawes, Captain DePriest, and the writer, of Richmond, and Captain Barnes, of Chase City, Captain W. C. Nunn, West Point, Va."

Following are the Virginia members of the " Six Hundred: "


Charles B. Christian, Forty-ninth Infantry, Allen's creek, Amherst county. James C. Council, Twenty -sixth Infantry, St. Steven's Church.


Richard Woodrum, Twenty-sixth Battalion, Union, Monroe co.

Peter V. Batte, Forty-fourth Battalion, Petersburg.

William H. Hood, Petersburg Militia, Berlin, Southampton co.

D. A. Jones, General M. Jones' staff, Harrisonburg. Thomas P. Branch, General Ransom's staff, Petersburg.


J. McD. Carrington, Charlottesville Battery, Charlottesville.

E. E. DePriest, Twenty-third Infantry, Richmond.

W. P. Carter, Page's Battery, Millwood, Clarke county.

George W. Mercer, Twenty-ninth Battery, Rural Retreat.

J. H. Johnson, Twenty-fifth Virginia, Franklin, Pendleton co.

J. J. Dunkle, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Franklin, Pendleton co.

H. C. Dickinson, Second Cavalry, Liberty, Bedford county.

J. W. Mathews, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Beverly, Randolph co.

H. A. Allen, Ninth Infantry, Portsmouth.

R. E. Frayser, Signal Officer, New Kent Courthouse.

J. R. Christian, Third Virginia, New Kent Courthouse.

L. Harmon, Twelfth Cavalry, Staunton.

A. Dobyns, Forty-second Infantry, Jacksonville, Floyd county.

J. W. Helm, Forty-second Infantry, Jacksonville, Floyd county.

A. R. Humes, Twenty-first Cavalry, Abidgdon.

W. P. Duff, Fifteenth Infantry, Jonesville, Lee county.

D. C. Grayson, Tenth Infantry, Luray, Page county.

A. N. Finks, Tenth Infantry, Madison Courthouse.

F. W. Kelly, Fiftieth Infantry, Tazewell county.