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'nnl<r Wre. 878

T. M. Gobble, Forty-eighth Infantry, Abingdon.

W. S. McConnell, Forty-eighth Infantry, Estillville.

W. L. Guthrie, Twenty-third Infantry, Prince Edward county.

James Dunlap, Twenty-sixth Battery, Union, Monroe county.

A. M. Edgar, Twenty-seventh Infantry, I.ruisburg.

J. A. Lipps, Fiftieth Infantry, Wise Courthouse.

J. O. B. Crocker, Ninth Infantry, Norfolk.

T. B. Horton, Eleventh Infantry.

R. C. Gillispie, Forty-fifth Infantry, Fort Worth, Texas.

R. H. Miller, Forty-fourth Infantry, Buckingham county.

J. M. Hillsman, Forty-fourth Infantry, Amelia county.

T. H. Board, Fifty-eighth Infantry, Bedford county.

J. M. Hughes, Forty-fourth Infantry, Scottsville, Albemarle co.

Isaac Kuykendall, Seventh Cavalry, Romney.

J. M. Lovett, Twenty-second Cavalry, Hampshire county.

W. T. Mitchell, Sixth Cavalry, Pittsylvania county.

T. A. Moon, Sixth Cavalry, Halifax county.

A. M. King, Fiftieth Infantry, Saltville, Lee county.

B. G. Brown, Seventh Infantry, Brown's Cove, Albemarle co. Charles D. McCoy, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Charlottesville. William C. Nunn, Fifth Cavalry, "Little Plymouth.

Peyton Alfriend, Thirty-ninth Militia, Petersburg. Bruce Gibson, Sixth cavalry, Upperville, Fauquier county. George W. Nelson, General Pendleton's staff, Beaver Dam, Han- over county.

C. J. Lewis, Eighth Cavalry, Charleston, Kanawha county.


D. M. Leyton, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Mount Meridian. B. B. Howelett, Fifth Cavalry, Cobb's creek.

O. H. P. Lewis, Thirty-first Infantry, Beverly, Randolph county.

W. W. Boggs, Twentieth Cavalry, Wheeling.

J. Arrington, Forty-second Infantry, Campbell Courthouse.

D. W. Garrett, Forty-second Infantry, Morgantown, Ga.

H. T. Coalter, Fifty-third Infantry, King William Courthouse.


Thomas O. Moss, Twenty-third Infantry, Louisa Courthouse. H. Fry, Thirty-seventh Infantry, Wheeling. W. E. Hart, Page's Battery, King William Courthouse. B. C. Maxwell, Cutshaw's Battery, Westham Locks. .