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374 Southern Historical Society Papers.

John Ogden Murray, Seventh Cavalry, Richmond. [wrote ""Immortal Six Hundred""] placed on en.WS.]

W. Asberry, Sixteenth Infantry, Target Hill, Wayne county.

B. D. Merchant, Fourth Cavalry, Manassas Junction. James H. Childs, Warrenton.

S. T. Carson, Fifth Infantry, Steel's Tavern, Augusta county.

Jesse Child, Forty-second Infantry, Richmond.

George H. Killian, Fifth Infantry, Waynesborough.

J. W. Gilkerson. Twenty-fifth Infantry, Mint Springs, Augusta county.

M. E. Bowers, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Franklin, Pendleton county.

W. L. Hunter, Forty-third Battalion (Cavalry), Waynesborough.

W. L. Bernard, Thirty-seventh Battalion (Cavalry), Rocky Mount, Franklin county.

T. S. Mitchell, Forty-second Infantry, Martinsville, Henry county.

P. W. Dalton, Forty-second Infantry, Martinsville, Henry county.

H. L. Hoover, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Staunton.

T. J. Kirk, Fourth Infantry, Christiansburg.

T. C. Chandler, Forty-seventh Infantry, Bowling Green.

A. R. Angell, Forty-second Infantry, Rocky Mount, Franklin county.

G. W. Finley, Fifty-sixth Infantry, Clarksville.

W. McGaulley, Ninth Cavalry, Warsaw.

J. C. Allen, Seventh Cavalry, Edinburg, Shenandoah county.

L. B. Doyle, Fifth Infantry, Lexington.

J. W. A. Ford, Twentieth Cavalry, Lewisburg.

A. W. Edwards, Fifteenth Cavalry, Princess Anne county.

W. H. Morgan, Eleventh Infantry, Campbell county.

J. D. Greener, Fiftieth Infantry, Tazewell county.

C. P. Harper, Twenty-first Infantry, Mecklenburg. Isaac Coles, Sixth Cavalry, Peytonsburg.

S. M. Dent, Fifth Cavalry, Alexandria.

Erasmus L. Bell, Tenth Infantry, Luray.

C. D. Hall, Forty-eighth Infantry, Lee, Page county.

Henry C. Hewlett, Fifth Cavalry, Petersburg.

Earl C. Andis, Fourth Infantry, Elk Creek.

Jefferson W. A. Funk, Fifth Infantry, Winchester.

John F. Lytten, Fifth Infantry, Long Glade.

James W. Gellock, Twenty-seventh Infantry, Lexington.

James W. McDowell, Twenty-sixth Battalion, Lewisburg.

A. G. Hudgins, Confederate States Navy, Richmond.

C. B. Eastham, Tenth Infantry, Harrisonburg.