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Imprisoned '///// /'</,. :;7;,

J. H. Hawkins, 'IVntli Infantry, McGaheysville. T. P. Doyle, Thirty-third Infantry, Staunton.


Drury Lacy, Twenty-third Infantry, Prince Edward Courthouse.

S. J. Hutton, Thirty-seventh Infantry, Glade Spring Depot.

M. H. Duff, Thirty-seventh Infantry, Lodi, Washington county.

E. A. Rosenbalm, Thirty-seventh Infantry, Lodi, Washington county.

S. A. Johnson, Twenty-third Infantry, Louisa, Washington co. J. W. Groom, Twenty-third Infantry, Louisa, Washington co. Alex. B. Cooke, Twenty-third Infantry, Louisa, Washington co. R. C. Bryan, Forty-eighth Infantry, Abingdon. J. T. Fulcher, Thirty-seventh Infantry, Abingdon. J. S. King, Thirty-seventh Infantry, Abingdon. S. H. Hawes, Page's Virginia Battery, Richmond.

F. King, Page's Virginia Battery, King William county. R. Massie, Cutshaw's Virginia Battery, Covesville. George F. Keiser, Fifth Infantry, Greenville.

John T. Gannaway, Fiftieth Infantry, Chatham Hill.

R. W. Legg, Fiftieth Infantry, Turkey Cove.

R. S. Bowie, Thirty-seventh Infantry, Abingdon.

F. Foussie, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Weston.

W. L. Enos, Twenty-sixth Infantry, Wood's Cross Roads, Glou- cester county.

A. B. Cauthorn, Twenty-sixth Infantry, King and Queen Court- house.

John M. Lambert, Fifty-second Infantry, Greenville.

W. P. R. Leigh, Fifth Cavalry, Gloucester Courthouse.

W. N. Hendrix, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Fairmount.

John G. Brown, Forty-ninth Infantry, Front Royal.

W. H. Hatcher, Forty-second Infantry, Liberty,

W. B. Carder, Fourth Infantry, Marion, Smyth county.

T. J. King, Forty-second Cavalry Battalion, Martinsville, Henry county.

T. M. Gravely, Forty-second Infantry, Martinsville, Henry co.

J. P. Kelly, Fourth Infantry, Newburn, Henry county.

P. Hogan, Fourth Infantry, Lexington. "

J. W. Mauck, Tenth Infantry, Harrisonburg.

S. D. Bland, Eighteenth Cavalry, Franklin, Pendleton county.