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376 Southern Historical Society Papers.

C. Prates, Third Infantry, Petersburg. S. W. Garey, Third Infantry, Norfolk.

F. C. Barnes, Fifty-sixth Infantry, Marysville, Charlotte county. J. H. Allen, Forty-eighth Infantry Battalion, Ballardsville, Boone county.

H. G. Brinkley, Forty-first Infantry, Norfolk.

C. F. Crisp, Tenth Infantry, Luray, Page county. S. H. Finks, Tenth Infantry, Madison Courthouse.

J. Long, Tenth Infantry, Bridgewater, Rockingham county. John A. Donaghe, Tenth Infantry, Parnassus. J. J. Hervitzie, Thirty-seventh Infantry, Lebanon. J. A. Burnett, Fiftieth Infantry, Blountville, Sullivan county, Ten- nessee.

W. S. Gilmer, Thirty -seventh Infantry, Lebanon.

J. W. Harris, Fifty-eighth Infantry, Bedford county.

J. S. Hix, Forty-fourth Infantry, Goochland.

Thomas R. Applebury, Forty-fourth Infantry, Fluvanna county.

John W. Hughes, Forty-fourth Infantry, Cobham Depot.

William A. Dawson, Twenty-seventh Infantry, Callands.

D. B. Cannoy, Fourth Infantry, Elk creek.

W. W. George, Twenty-sixth Battalion, Princeton, Mercer co. W. G. Herrington, Twenty-fifth Battalion, Shelby, Cleveland county, N. C.

R. C. Campbell, Fifty-third Infantry, King William county.

J. Walker Frasier, First Cavalry, Loudoun county.

C. P. Johnson, McNeil's Battalion, P. R. Hampshire county.

P. B. Akers, Eleventy Infantry, Lynchburg.

L. Green, Fifth Cavalry, Petersburg.

H. C. Jones, Fiftieth Infantry, Gladesville.

J. S. Hempstead, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Dubuque, la.

W. D. Dodson, Fifth Cavalry, Danville.

Robert B. Hart, Fifth Cavalry, Stevensville.

John W. Davis, Twentieth Cavalry, Clarksburg.

Hopkins Harden, Nineteenth Infantry, Scottsville.

Francis R. Haynes, Twenty -fourth Cavalry, Cobb's Creek.

Thornton J. Berry, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Salt Lick.

Norman D. Embry, Twenty-fifth Cavalry, Pineville.

Alex. R. Humphries, Twenty-sixth Battalion, Lewisburg.

C. D. Fitzhugh, First Cavalry, Hagerstown, Md.