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Seven Virginia Officers Whose Names Were Omitted from the List.

Editor of The Times:

SIR, The list of the Virginia officers given in the article on the gallant 600 in the Times of last Sunday will be highly appreciated by all survivors as well as by the many friends. It has been read, re-read, reflected and meditated upon until the dark mirror of mem- ory is before me, the lights of fancy are rising, faint and undefined images are appearing from every quarter. The lights increase, the figures grow plainer and plainer. I know themĀ ; they are the forms of former prison friends and associates shabbily dressed, torn, tat- tered and threadbare they don't look like gentlemen. This is a matter of the slightest moment they were my comrades in the sor- sowful past and I love them. Yet I like not having to recall them in the bygone events through which they movedĀ ; hence the value of the printed" roster. Here are seven Virginia officers whose names have been omitted in the list. They all embarked with the 600 on the Crescent City; they all returned to Virginia before the close of the war, and doubtless they are all now dead.

Colonel Woolfolk, Orange county, Va., ranking officer of the Vir- ginians.

Major Evan Rice, Tappahannock, Va.

Captain Chalkley, Chesterfield county, Va.

Captain Fitzgerald, Norfolk, Va.

Captain Haskins, Northern Valley of Virginia.

First Lieutenant Charles R. Darracott, Sturdevant's Battery, Richmond, Va.

Midshipman Leftwich, Lynchburg, Va.


GEORGE HOPKINS. Glen Allen, Va. , August 27,