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The information was obtained from General Hamblin himself, who further admitted that he suffered very severely and lost six colors. As I heard of but two regimental flags, I presume the others \v markers' lla^s. Indeed, one of my men told me that he saw Lieu- t'-nant King, whose death is above-mentioned, with two markers' tl.ii^s shortly before he fell. It seems scarcely possible that this bat- talion could have contended successfully with even a single regiment unless reduced to its own feeble dimensions. It can be explained, however, by the fact that they were thrown into some disorder by the closeness of the thicket through which they advanced, and being thus caught in detail by a sudden attack had no opportunity to re- cover themselves.

I have thus, General, given an account, perhaps too detailed, of the fortunes of the brigade from the evacuation to its capture, in what fell under my own observation. If anything is omitted which was stated in my former communication in unofficial form, I beg you will make the necessary corrections and additions. I have been more minute than would have been necessary or, perhaps, even proper, under other circumstances. But I feel with you that since they have lost all else, we ought to save for our brave soldiers all the honors they so hardly won. All their toils and sufferings and dan- gers have been apparently in vain; but they fought in a just cause, and if they did not achieve success they at least deserved it. I await with impatience the day when the world will do justice to our coun- try and our countrymen. I have the honor to remain, General,

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

WM. S. BASINGER, Major Com' (T g i8th Georgia Battalion,

List of Casualties in the r8th Georgia Battalion, G. W. C. Lee' s Division, Eweir s Corps, in the Battle of Hi I I man s Farm, or Sailor Creek, Va., April 6, 1865 :

Field and Staff Wounded Major William S. Basinger, Lieutenant E. P. Starr, Adjutant.

Company A, Lieutenant W. H. King, Commanding:

Killed Lieutenant Wm. H. King; Sergeants R. Millen, W. H.