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44 Soiiflurii Historical Socieli/

Bennett; Privates Henry Crook, E. L. Gordon, J. W. Myddleton,. John Vicars.

Wounded Lieutenant Fred A. Tupper; Sergeant Harry H. Wood- bridge; Corporal H. Barrs; Privates James Belote, J. S. Cans, J. Hitchcock, B. Newbern, J. T. Smith, S. Syntis B. Green.

Company B, Lieutenant Geo. D. Smith, Commanding:

Killed Sergeants Chase B. Postell, Sim Moreton; Privates E. L. Barie, Jas. C. Bryan.

Wounded Lieutenants Geo. D. Smith, Wm D. Grant; Sergeant E. C. Wade; Privates Percy Elliott, F. Kreeger, J. Darracott, J. Douglass, J. N. Guerard, T. Kreeger, J. H. Polk, J. H. Butler.

Company C, Captain Gilbert C. Rice Commanding:

Killed Captain G. C. Rice; Lieutenant George M. Turner; Sergeant George E. James; Privates B. Abney, Alfred O. Bowne, Jacob Gould, John H. Mclntosh, Ed. A. Papy, B. J. Rouse; Cor- poral W. H. Rice.

Wounded Lieutenants Eugene T. Blois, John R. Dillon; Ser- geants F. Ripon Sweat, Bayard J. Mclntosh, Chas. R. Maxwell, M. McLean, C. J. Sweat, Albert Folker.

Died Since of their Wounds Company A : Lieutenant Fred A. Tupper; Private B. Green. Company B: Lieutenants George D. Smith, Wm. D. Grant; Sergeant E. C. Wade; Privates Percy Elli- ott, F. Kreeger, F. N. Guerard. Company C: Lieutenant Eugene T. Blois.

The balance of the command were either captured unhurt after the fight, or escaped and were present at the surrender.