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Officers and Soldiers of the War 1814-15.

(Fort St. Phillip is on the Mississippi River, below the city of New Orleans, and Fort Coquilles was on the Rigolets, between Lake Borgne and Lake Pontchartrain, on the present site of Fort Pike.)


The chronicler gives a complete list of the staff, company-commanders and of the soldiers who took part in the battle of January 8th. Many of those names are still extant in these times, and are borne by worthy descendants of brave and patriotic ancestors. No one can peruse the appended lists of names without immediately recognizing the name of some prominent and respected family of Louisiana.

Roster of the Orleans Battalion of Volunteers: Staff—General J. B. Plauche, Commander; L. M. Raynaud, Adjutant; Garrigues Flaujac, Secretary; Emile Sainet, Quartermaster; Yves Le Monnier, Surgeon.

Company of Carbineers: Pierre Roche, Captain; Coeur de Roy, First Lieutenant; Barthelmy Grima, Second Lieutenant ; Chas. Roche, Third Lieutenant; A. Tourla, Sergeant Major; P. Soubercaze, Jean Desvignes, Jean Guadix, J. B. Turpin, J. P. Lanaux, Alex Chopin, Sergeants; Felix Leternod, T. B. Marchand, B. Tremoulet, G. Belaude, S. Guesnard, E. J. Forstall, J. Huard, F. Rondeau, Corporals.

Company of Foot Dragoons: Jean St. Jean, Lieutenant, commanding as captain; Francois Beneteaud, L. Dulhuquod, L. P. Huet, Lieutenants; Vincent Gautier, Nicholas Mioton, Louis Dubignon, J. J. Hecke, Brigadiers.

Company of Sharpshooters: Jean Hudry, Captain; Eugene Fremont, Etienne Berthel, Lieutenants; A. Chevalion, Sergeant Major; Jerome Tourne, Francois Girodeau, Antoine Robert, Sergeants; Jean Touchet, Eusebe Sperrier, N. Vassal, Jean Guerin, Corporals.

Company of the "Louisiana Blues:" Maunsell White, Captain; F. S. Girault, First Lieutenant; Nicholas Thompson, Second Lieutenant; John Phillipps, Richard Nesbit, Wm. Garlick, Sergeants; Dan Scott, Peter Gofforth, Louis Robertson, Corporals,

Company of "Chasseurs": Auguste Guibert, Captain; T. C.