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Southern Historical Society Papers.

St. Romes, First Lieutenant; Louis Pilie, Second Lieutenant; J. J. Cuerrouhard, Sergeant Major; Vic Pidou, J. D. Couvertie, Louis Couvertie, J. B. Lamothe, L. S. St. Cyr, Sergeants; Alex Nadau, Nicolas Pessou, J. B. Ducayet, Chas. Bouny, Corporals. Recapitulation: Staff, 8; sappers, 6; drummers, 10; musicians, 18; carbineers, 127; dragoons, 132; sharpshooters, 68; Louisiana Blues, 48; Chasseurs, 100. Total military force, 517.


Dr. Yves Le Monnier, surgeon on the staff of General Plauche, was an ancestor of Dr. Yves R. Le Monnier, who was not many years ago Coroner for the Parish of Orleans and is an eminent practitioner.

Among the officers of carbineers may be mentioned the following whose descendants are honored citizens of New Orleans: B. Grima, Second Lieutenant; J. B. Turpin, Sergeant; Alexandre Chopin, Sergeant; T. B. Marchand, B. Tremoulet, E. J. Forstall, J. Huard, Corporals.

In the Foot Dragoons—Alex Bonneval, Quartermaster; Ami-cent Gautier, Nicolas Mioton, Brigadiers.

In the Sharpshooters—Jerome Tourne, Antoine Rober, Jean Guerin, Corporals.

In the Louisiana Blues, which was almost entirely composed of native Americans or naturalized Americans of the Angle-Saxon race, was Maunsell White, Captain, who was a naturalized American of Irish nativity, and who, it is said, invented the famous "sauce" named after him.

Among the officers of the Louisiana Blues were: F. S. Girault, John Phillips, Dan Scott, Louis Robertson.

The company of Chasseurs was composed chiefly of Frenchmen, or of Louisianians of French descent. Among the officers we find: Auguste Guibert, Captain; T. C. de St. Romes, Lieutenant ; Louis Pilie, Lieutenant; J. B. Couvertie, Louis Couvertie ; Sergeants; L. S. St. Cyr and Valsin Cavalier, Sergeants; Nicholas Pessou, J. B. Ducayet, Charles Bouny, Corporals.

Among the private soldiers who fought well and nobly there were: Ant Barbarin, J. B. Castant, Francois Duplessis, J. L. St.