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The Keystone Guards.

Purcell, W. E. Died in hospital.

Roberts, B. A. Living at Chase City, Va.

Robinson, John. Dead.

Robinson, M. Wounded at Second Battle of Manassas; dead.

Robinson, C. T. Dead.

Robinson, Wm. Died in hospital.

Rosser, E. L. Dead.

Rawlins, M. Died in hospital at Winchester, Va.

Sharp, Moses. Died in hospital.

Shannon, James. Missing.

Smith, W. P. Living at Amelia Courthouse, Va.

Tatum, S. C. Died at Fort Delaware.

Ward, Taylor. Wounded; living near Keysville, Va.

Ward, Wm. Dead. Webb, Wyart. Living at Boydton, Ya.

Weatherford, John. Died in field hospital.

Willis, S. M. Living near Keysville, Va.

Williams, A. H. Wounded at Bloody Angle, Spotsylvania county, living near Charlotte Courthouse.

B. A. Roberts.
Third Orderly Sergeant.