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Southern Historical Society Papers.

Crawford, J. M. Dead.

Crenshaw, J. D. Died in hospital during the war.

Crenshaw, G. O. Wounded at Carrick's Ford; died.

Crenshaw, J. N. Dead.

Creed, Daniel. Missing.

Davenport, W. J. Killed at Drakes' Branch, Va.

Dixon, Wm. Missing on Laurel Hill retreat.

Evans, W. S. Killed, 1864.

Eubank, W. L. Transferred; dead.

Eubank, James F. Living in Lunenburg county.

Eubank, Philip. Killed at Kernstown.

Estes, James. Died in hospital.

Fleming, Ned. Discharged as British subject; dead.

Fleming, Wm. Wounded at Greenbrier River; dead.

Fore, James. Transferred to artillery; dead.

Foster, W. D. Wounded at Sharpsburg; living in Charlotte county.

Foster, J. T. Living in Charlotte county.

Goode, W. O. Dead.

Hankins, Ed. Died at Fort Delaware.

Hankins, T. C. Wounded at Kernstown; dead.

Hankins, L. A. Wounded; dead.

Hankins, J. H. Living in Charlotte county.

Howard, John. Died at Fort Delaware.

Haley, J. E. Wounded at Second Battle Manassas; living in Charlotte county.

Harris, J. H. Dead.

Keeling, A. W. Dead.

Lee, J. H. Transferred to cavalry; dead.

Lock, Thomas. Killed at Mine Run.

McLean, George. Missing.

Morris, M. C. Living at Strasburg, Va.

Morton, James. Killed at Strasburg.

Mayes, Moseley. Soldiers' Home.

McCargo, John. Living near Reedsville, N. C.

Mahoney, Cain. Killed at Carrick's Ford. Palmore, N. C. Soldiers' Home.

Pettus, J. O. Killed at Kernstown.