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with a clock in front of me, and count the strokes and watch the second hand, I’d get the sense of time after a while. Don’t you think there’s something in that?”

“You’re a great fellow for using your head and thinking things out, are n’t you, Charley?” Edward gave his brother a look of admiration. “I should never have thought of doing a thing like that—being so thorough. No wonder they made you captain at St. John’s!”

“Oh, you learn to use your head as you grow older,” Charles said graciously. “And I’ll tell you what I’ll do this vacation; I’ll teach you the St. John’s stroke. It’s the same as St. Timothy’s, so it won’t be giving away any secrets. And maybe some day you’ll develop into an oarsman.”

Edward felt grateful, and Charles felt that he had made amends for the jeer which had touched his brother in a sensitive spot. Each day he put Edward to work on the rowing-machine, and before the vacation was over he had quite fired him with zeal for this new sport.