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“I really think you have the makings of a good oar,” Charles said one day toward the end. “When you go back to St. Timothy’s, you start right in and train with the crew. I believe you can make it.”

“If I make the crew I can’t play baseball,” objected Edward.

“If you can make the crew I don’t see why you should want to play baseball,” replied Charles.

“Because it’s so much more fun.”

“You can’t tell how much fun rowing is from simply practising on a machine. It’s not a fair test. Besides, Ned, think what sport it would be for us to buck up against each other in a race. You’d have your chance maybe to get your revenge.”

“That would be great, would n’t it!” Edward rose from the sliding seat and took his brother gently by the neck. “I’d like to help lick you once before you leave that bum school.”

Sometimes Mrs. Crashaw climbed the stairs to see what the boys were about; she could not