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one who could do such brilliant things, the work on the rowing-machines and chest-weights must seem pretty dull. Besides, Edward thought that probably after the hockey season was over Sheldon would take his duties as captain more seriously.

There would no doubt be a general reorganization then; for there were some good oarsmen among the hockey players who would then make their first appearance. And Edward found it especially easy to make excuses for Sheldon—as did almost every one who knew him.

Meanwhile, Edward trained persistently, enjoying his intervals of authority and at other times performing the exercises with faithfulness if not always with zest. It helped a good deal when Mr. Burns said just what Charles had said earlier: “You have the makings of a good oar in you, Crashaw.”

Mr. Burns spoke even more enthusiastically than that to Sheldon; and that was one reason why Sheldon picked Edward out for leader of the squad.