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Jim Payne, the captain of the baseball nine, became apprehensive. He said to Edward one day,—

“It’s all right for you to train with the crew these winter months and get strong—but don’t forget; you’re to play baseball in the spring.”

“Oh,” Edward laughed, “spring is a long way off.”

“I know it, but we have to look ahead,” said Payne. “I’m counting on you.”

Edward evaded an answer. He could not help knowing now that in all probability he could make the first Pythian crew and that he might even win a seat in the School boat. If he could do that! He was n’t yet convinced that rowing was more fun than baseball,—though perhaps when one actually got out on the water it might prove so,—but whether it was or not, if the chance to row against his brother was offered him he meant to take it.

He wrote often to Charles of the progress that he was making, and Charles answered with messages of encouragement. As for him-