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self, he said that he had not had much time to give to rowing since his return to St. John’s; he had been getting ready for the hockey game, in which, he said, they expected to push St. Timothy’s all round the rink.

Whether that was a well-founded vaunt or not, Edward had little opportunity of judging. He sometimes wished he could get into one of the scrub hockey games again with Keating and Lawrence and Vance and the others; they were talking about them all the time at the table, and urging Edward to drop his rowing once in a while and tend goal for them.

“You have such fine big feet for it,” Lawrence said. “There’s nobody else with such big feet.”

“Besides,” said Keating, “it is n’t good for you to stay shut up in the stuffy gymnasium when you could be out in the open air.”

“I take a run outdoors every day,” Edward replied.

Indeed when he was in charge of the squad, he made those runs so long and vigorous that