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Presently his eyes fell on two open sleighs coming rapidly, one close behind the other.

“I'll bet these are the fellows,” Edward called out; and a group gathered by the wall to see.

The first sleigh drew near and passed; the four boys in it were strangers who yet looked as if they might be St. John’s fellows, and who turned their eyes on the roadside group with a questioning smile. Then one of them waved his hand, and at that Edward and the others pulled off their caps and waved a welcome.

By that time the second sleigh was almost abreast of them; there were only three boys in that, and one of them was Charles. Edward made a rush for it, scrambled in while it flew by, and the next moment, in the seat beside his brother, was being introduced to Isham, who was captain of the team. The other boy was Jackson.

“Hello!” Edward said, with surprise. “I did n’t know you were on the hockey team. Who has to buck up against you this time?”

“Nobody special; I’m going to play cover-