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point,” Jackson answered. “I got into the game only because Jack Nolan came down yesterday with tonsilitis.”

“If you’re only a sub, you must have the wonderful team,” said Edward. “It’s a good thing I’m not in this game.”

Charles looked at him and laughed, then squeezed his knee affectionately.

“It’s great to see you again, old boy,” he said.

In front of the Study the St. Timothy’s hockey team were assembled to welcome the visitors. After the greetings were over, Edward pulled at his brother’s sleeve.

“There’s an hour before luncheon, Charley,” he said. “Won’t you spend it with me?”

“Yes, you bet. You might take me round and show me the sights. But first I want to drop my bag and my hockey-stick.”

“You can put them in my locker in the gymnasium; you’ll be dressing there for the game.”

As they walked along together, Charles scanned the buildings with curious, interested eyes.