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“I’ve learned a lot on those things,” Edward said. “If you want to, Charley, you can sit down on one now, and I’ll coach you.”

“How cocky all you St. Timothy’s fellows do get!” observed Charles.

“Not a bit like you St. John’s fellows, then, are we?” rejoined Edward.

But after that they ceased to squabble, and when Edward took his brother into the chapel and pointed out the memorial windows and let him examine the carved stalls in the choir and the lofty arches of the nave, Charles admitted that it was a fine building. “But then it ought to be,” he added. “The same man built it that built ours.—Now let me have a look at some of your friends.”

So Edward introduced Keating and Lawrence—who indeed had been lurking around in the hope that this opportunity might result—and presented them to Charles.

Charles’s comment afterwards was: “They seem like pretty good fellows, but why are they so polite?”