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“Why,” said Edward, “would n’t you try to be polite when you met a great man?”

“Oh, cut it out!” cried Charles, feeling very much pleased.

At Mr. Elwood’s table Lawrence and Keating expressed their admiration of Edward’s brother.

“But he’s not so very big, is he, Ned?” said Lawrence.

“No. He weighs only a hundred and forty stripped.”

“Mighty well put together, though—does n’t walk on his ankle-bones.”

“Shut up,” said Keating. “Did you notice what a keen eye he has? I’ll bet he made you stand round, Ned, when you were a kid.”

“But he could n’t make me go to St. John’s,” boasted Edward.

He did not see his brother again until an hour later, when, at the edge of the rink, he stood by Charles and watched him put on his skating-boots.

Charles, like the other St. John’s players, wore a blue jersey and blue stockings and