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knickerbockers; some of them wore shin-pads, but Charles told Edward, who asked him about that, that he never could skate as well when he put them on.

Besides Edward, there was a group of St. John’s fellows standing by and talking with Charles while he made his last preparations; the St. John’s delegation of spectators had just arrived. There were not many of them, for only members of the Sixth Form were permitted to make the trip with the hockey team.

“Go after ’em, Charley; you’re the boy!” they called when Charles rose and glided away on his skates.

The St. John’s team swung about on the ice, passing the puck from one to another, shooting it through the goals, lifting it on long tosses through the air.

In a few moments the St. Timothy’s players, in red jerseys and red stockings, appeared and had their brief warming-up. Then the game began.

For a time it was all wild rushing, sharp whacking and shouting, swift dashing and