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quick turning, but not a score. Then Blanchard in the middle of the field blocked the puck that Jackson from coverpoint had lifted on a long pass, and started with it. Charles and Isham, who were St. John’s left wing, bore down to intercept him; Sheldon blocked off Isham, and then Blanchard, seeing that Charles in another moment would pen him against the side of the rink, shot the puck far across to Durant.

Two St. John’s players made a rush for it as it slid by, but Durant trapped it, turned with it coolly, and darted off at an angle just as the two who had righted themselves came rushing at him.

He ran it past Henderson, St. John’s point, he steered it cleverly by Jackson at coverpoint, and then was directly in front of the goal; Charles was flying in from the side in a desperate effort to reinforce the goal-keeper, but he swung with his hockey-stick just a moment late. Durant shot the goal, and a shout of satisfaction went up from St. Timothy’s for his cool and brilliant play.