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“Game’s young yet,” Edward heard Charles say cheerfully to Jackson as he swung by for the line-up.

A few minutes later Jackson at coverpoint stopped the puck and lifted it sailing to the farther end of the rink. The St. John’s forwards were after it hard, and soon were scrimmaging for it with Blanchard and Sheldon and Bell. Suddenly Charles broke with the puck from the scrimmage, and sweeping in at a sharp angle he skimmed the disk past Wallace through the St. Timothy’s goal. The score was tied, and the small band of St. John’s supporters were making a great deal of noise.

“Shucks!” said Lawrence to Edward with disgust. “Your brother never ought to have got that, even if he is your brother. Wallace acted as if he was asleep.”

St. Timothy’s scored again, however, just before the end of the half; Sheldon broke through and carried the puck as far as Jackson, who intercepted it, but could not hold it; Blanchard, following at Sheldon’s heels,