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snatched it from Jackson and sent it with a swift stroke flying through the goal.

In the second half St. John’s seemed to have determined on a change of tactics. Hitherto the game had been played by both teams with as little resort to “body-checking” as possible; it had been a game of fleetness and dexterity, and St. Timothy’s had had a shade the better of it.

Now the St. John’s players began charging the St. Timothy’s fellows, giving them the shoulder, butting into them at full speed; in the first three minutes there were more upsets than there had been in the whole of the preceding half.

Sheldon got away from the scrimmage twice with the puck, only to be the victim each time of what was pretty nearly a head-on collision with Jackson.

Lawrence and Keating began to exclaim heatedly against the roughness of the visitors, but Edward said,—

“Are they doing anything they’re not allowed to do?”